Rental Staging

As companies  such as airbnb, HomeAway and HomeExchange skyrocket. So too does the number of people interested in renting out their holiday homes as vacation rentals. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get your property noticed above the competition!

“photographs are perhaps the most defining factor in setting yourself apart from your competition and booking more nights” Matt Landau, the founder of the Vacation Rental Marketing

Staging your holiday home, makes sure it fits with the vacation vibe guests want from Ibiza. Team this with the quality photos that we take and you have something much more marketable to get you bookings.

No matter what the market conditions rental staging helps you get bookings

If there is an oversupply of holiday rental properties on the market, it can be difficult to get your property occupied with guests.   Obviously, the properties that show best are the ones that get the bookings. Rental staging combined with new photographs improves the visual marketing of your property making sure you get noticed.

In a market with a low supply of vacation rentals there is the advantage of charging higher prices per week. Imagine the extra cash you could get if you could then further increase the amount guests would pay by using rental staging?

But even in a market with a low supply of vacation rentals there is still some properties that don’t get any bookings. We see this here in Ibiza every year.

An understanding of the target market and their motivations teamed with experienced design ability to translate your prospective guests aspirations into the look of your vacation rental is imperative to get the job done well.

Rachel Bryant is the only rental stager with a Bachelor of Design degree, years of experience working in the combination of marketing and design, project management, and is an award winning lighting designer. All the tools necessary to get your property rented.

Renting your house from afar? Rachel has managed multiple teams working together that were located in different countries. She can easily have your house prepared for rental without a worry.

Rental staging as a tax deduction?

In some countries consultation fees for rental staging can be tax deductible as an expense. Check  with your Accountant or a tax expert to see if you can qualify.

What is the rental staging process?

Starting from the entrances appeal and then following through every room of your property we enhance the positive aspects of your home and play down the negatives while creating a visual aspirational lifestyle tailored specifically to the property renters of your market.

We are not property agents, nor interior designers. Our objective is to re-use as many of the things as possible in your holiday home and bring out its innate character so that people can feel comfortable in your house. We suggest only changes where we see you will gain maximum reward in terms of satisfaction.

You can choose the amount of help to fit your needs. Every project starts with the initial consultation where we walk through you house and outline everything that needs to be done, and if time allows we may move some things or rearrange areas to show you how it works.

From there you can choose a full service where we can take the stress or worry away by doing some or all of the changes for you. Or you can follow through with the recommendations yourself (we will help you with priorities while there).

Once the the changes are completed we return to take appealing photos with a wide angle lens that you can use in your marketing material.

What a Rental Staging includes

In a rental staging consultation we begin with getting clear on your goals and objectives for your property then work from street appeal throughout your home assessing each area. This includes:

  1. Taking into consideration the types of renters in Ibiza and checking the house for what they are looking for. For instance in an area that has a lot of families we will pay particular attention to safety aspects and children’s bedrooms and facilities for your guests.
  2. Looking at how people move within the rooms in the house, does it flow easily with the furniture in its current placement. Does the size and layout of the furniture show off the amount of space you have or does it look cramped
  3. How best to accentuate the most important features of each room and distract or improve on the other parts that bring down the impression of your home.
  4. How to make all your rooms have a clear purpose and function for the guests.
  5. Is the space significantly neutral enough so that your guests can feel at home in your property.
  6. Assessment of furniture, accessories and overall style of your home as well as the aspirational style of the holiday renters in the market. We give recommendations on how to bridge the gaps between them.
  7. Assessment of the walls and flooring, smells of the home and clarify if any maintenance is needed to ensure your home leaves a great impression
  8. If time is available we will stage a portion of one or more rooms.
  9. Give tips that help to set your property apart from the rest and have people returning year on year.

Once the staging recommendations are completed we take appealing photographs with a wide angle lens or you can hire a professional photographer if you like.

If you want urgent help please call Rachel on +34 639 164 870 or email us here