Home Styling

Making your holiday home work for you

Home styling is about helping you design the holiday home that you really want. One that feels happy, and comfortable and perfectly you no matter what your budget.

It is not about the latest holiday home trends, but instead about bringing out your natural style and personality in the space. Perhaps even the lighter and brighter Ibicencan side of yourself. Or creating the zen retreat that can be your reprieve from city life.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either. It is about working with what you already have. Possibly re-purposing some pieces, and being strategic with our choices.

What does home styling involve?

Home Styling involves many of the same techniques as home staging, however it focuses on improving the home for the homeowner, rather than the buyer, with an eye toward resale value.

It starts with looking at what really works in your home, what could be useful elsewhere and what would be best to part with. Although letting go of things in some cases can be emotional it is often through this process of self assessment that clients get a better feeling for their own personal style. What they love, what is functional, and what really isn’t them anymore.

However we NEVER push people to part with things for the sake of adding something new. In fact we believe in quite the opposite.

After the base of furniture is clear we then look at the flow and use of the space. Is it easy to move through, and is it functioning well for you and your family? We work to enhance the positive aspects of your holiday home and downplay the areas you would rather not draw attention to.  We look at creating key focal points of interest within the rooms, and if time allows, and it is necessary, we can recommend paint colours for you.

An initial two to three hour in-home home styling consultation will guide you through this process, focusing on transforming a single room or your entire house— it’s entirely up to you!

You will have enough information at the end of this first meeting to do all or most of the work yourself.

It is not necessary to hire FREK to do the whole project, unless you want to! We believe in using the consultation to empower you with design knowledge and a clearer sense of how to express your personal style.

If you can’t wait to get started on creating a home that you love coming to you can call Rachel on +34 639 164 870 or contact us here.

You can also follow us on our home styling blog www.home-ibiza.com which is full of tips and tricks to style your home.