Home Staging

Home Staging has been popularised by TV shows such as ‘House Doctor’, ‘Designed to sell’, and ‘The Stagers’ which show the value of how staging a house for sale increases its popularity. Helping it sell faster and for more money.

“one thing hasn’t changed: houses sell faster when they stand out from the competition. And one of the best ways to set your house apart, real estate experts say, is to borrow a trick from professional set designers and stage your home.” New York Times 2008

A home staging expert transforms your house for sale so that buyers can mentally move in. It motivates buyers to make an offer! This is especially important when there are hundreds of other houses that you are competing against in your price range.

No matter what the market conditions home staging helps you sell

In a Buyers Market when the demand for property is less than supply. Advantages have shifted to the buyers giving them the feeling they have more time and flexibility with making a decision and negotiating on prices of the house they choose. Holiday home buyers can also feel this same lack of urgency since it is not their primary home. Home staging makes your house one that buyers fall in love with , and when in love, we worry that others will too, motivating buyers to want to close the deal faster. This is the key to getting your home sold quicker.

In a Sellers Market when the demand for property is greater than supply. There are greater opportunities for you as you may find someone willing to offer the asking price or even a figure greater than the asking price.

Obviously, the homes that show the best will sell faster and for more money. As a Coldwell Banker survey of 2,800 properties revealed, staged homes sell in 1/2 the time of non-staged homes. Showing the power houses have when they are staged to make an emotional connection with buyers. Why not then, romance your buyers with a well staged home?

But even in Sellers Markets there is that home that sits there and doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Plus, the longer it sits there people get put off. Thinking if it has been on the market for so long there must be something wrong with it! Research shows only 10% of people can visualise the potential of a property. Home staging is an important tool to make sure your property presents at is best. By adapting what you have in your house to fit the aspirational lifestyle of buyers you can re-brand and re-launch your house on the market making it a much hotter property.

Rachel Bryant has staged property which sold to the very first buyer who viewed it. Before the house had sat idle on the market for 2 years! It was then that Rachel decided to take her design and marketing background and use it more in the property market.

“What is especially moving is the freedom home staging can give people when they get more money than expected, or are released from being tied to a property for months or years.” Rachel Bryant

An understanding of the target market and their motivations teamed with experienced design ability to translate the buyers aspirations into the visual output that is your home is imperative to get the job done well.

Rachel Bryant is the only home stager with a Bachelor of Design degree, years of experience working in the combination of marketing and design, project management, and is an award winning lighting designer. All the tools necessary to sell your house quickly and for top dollar.

Selling your house from afar? Rachel has managed multiple teams working together that were located in different countries. She can easily have your house prepared for sale without a worry.

Thinking of leaving a room or your house empty?

If you are a builder, renovator or home owner and are wondering whether or not to leave a room or house empty here are the reasons why we do not recommend it if you are trying to get top dollar for your property

  1. People don’t buy houses they buy homes and the lifestyle that comes with that home. Even high end developers are recognising this change and adapting their marketing techniques as seen in this article in the financial times. Lets face it, empty homes feel lonely, a bit forgotten, and leave buyers wondering what’s wrong with it.
  2. Having an empty space leaves people looking at nothing but the finishings so they will notice even the smallest errors. Buyers will be asking themselves is the plastering smooth, is there any water damage or mould, how does the house smell.
  3. Buyers can’t envision a rooms size or how to place furniture. Especially true for bedrooms, if a bedroom is without furniture buyers will see the space as smaller and be left wondering if it fits a bed. Same too for large spaces. Buyers get confused with how they could place furniture especially for abnormal shaped spaces. It is better if you can take buyers thoughts away from this and get them emotionally feeling like its home by putting the furniture in for them.

Home staging as a tax deduction?

In some countries consultation fees for home staging can be tax deductible as an expense for preparing your house for sale. Check  with your Accountant or a tax expert to see if you can qualify.

What is the home staging process?

Starting from curb appeal and then following through every room of your house we enhance the positive aspects of your home and play down the negatives while creating a visual aspirational lifestyle tailored specifically to the property buyers and renters of your market.

We are not real estate agents, nor interior designers. Our objective is to re-use as many of the things possible in your home and bring out its innate character. We suggest only changes where we see you will gain maximum reward in terms appeal.

You can choose the amount of help to fit your needs. Every project starts with the initial consultation where we walk through you home and outline everything that needs to be done, and if time allows we may move some things or rearrange areas to show you how it works.

From there you can follow through with the recommendations yourself (we will help you with priorities while there). Or there is a full service where we can take the stress or worry away by doing some or all of it for you. You pay for only the time it takes us, nothing more.

Home Staging Consultation

In a home staging consultation we begin with getting clear on your goals and objectives for your house then work from street appeal throughout your home assessing each area. This includes:

  1. Taking into consideration the types of buyers in your market and checking the house for what they are looking for. For instance in an area that has a lot of families we will pay particular attention to safety aspects and children’s bedrooms in your home.
  2. Looking at how people move within the rooms in the house, does it flow easily with the furniture in its current placement. Does the size and layout of the furniture show off the amount of space you have or does it look cramped
  3. How best to accentuate the most important features of each room and distract or improve on the other parts that bring down the value of your home.
  4. How to make all your rooms have a clear purpose for the buyer
  5. Is the space significantly neutral enough so that buyers can visualise living there themselves
  6. Assessment of furniture, accessories and overall style of your home as well as the aspirational style of your markets buyers. We give recommendations on how to bridge the gaps between them.
  7. Assessment of the walls and flooring, smells of the home and clarify if any maintenance is needed to ensure you get best value for your home
  8. If time is available we will stage a portion of one or more rooms.

The final product of a consultation will be an action plan of what is needed to be completed to make your house show at its best. We have a trusted list of contractors and painters that we can recommend if any maintenance work is needed.

If you want urgent help please call Rachel on +34 639 164 870 or email us here