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Ibiza Style Inspiration – Ibiza Blackstad Houses

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Looking for some gorgeous Ibiza home style inspiration. Ibiza Blackstad Houses offers up some of the most gorgeous villa’s on the island. With a long history of working with Mediterranean style architecture in both traditional, and new ways, this book is a feast for the eyes.


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Ibiza Style Inspiration – Cool Escapes Ibiza

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Dishing up some of the best books on Ibiza style. Todays is Cool Escapes Ibiza. Filled with gorgeous images from the latest boutique hotels and restaurants it gives you a real sense of what styles people enjoy when being in Ibiza.




We are covering a bunch of different books over the weeks. You can check out the last two posts here and here.

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Ibiza Style Inspiration – Living in style Ibiza

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Since Ibiza has it’s very own style we are putting together quite a few posts of books on Ibiza style. They offer great ideas on what kind of looks are popular in Ibiza when decorating your house for yourself or for sale. This week it is Living in Style Ibiza. With a wide selection of styles and designs this book covers everything from bohemian, to modern. Check it out here.

For the other book we have covered, go here.

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Ibiza Style Inspiration – Ibiza Style

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Looking to decorate your Ibiza home? We will be featuring the best books on Ibiza style to give you plenty of inspiration. First up is ‘Ibiza Style’ (of course) by Ingrid Rasmussen is has lots of ideas and styles that fit into the Ibiza lifestyle and is a great starting off point if you are looking at what your version of Ibiza living is going to be.




Keep an eye out in coming weeks for the other books we will be featuring




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Setting the table for staging

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Many real estate agents, rental agents, and home stagers think setting the table is a good idea to show people the lifestyle of the home or rental property. Reality is it ruins all the good work you do because it makes the property look “obviously staged.” Buyers and renters instantly feel like they are being tricked into liking the property.

Of course lifestyle cues are important and are the key to setting an emotional tone that helps buyers fall in love with your home. But it needs to be done in a subtle way that professional stylists like ourselves specialise in. Take any image from a magazine like the one above as an example. This is the type of end result you want. One that gives a natural sensation of the lifestyle without feeling likes it’s trying too hard to show you what life is like there. Fresh fruit in a bowl is more than enough.

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How to make your property images more appealing

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The majority of holiday house renters, and property buyers search for their properties online so the images of your property are key to getting people interested.

With only 20% of the properties taking 80% of the interest how do you make your property one of the 20% that really stands out online?

One of the keys is consistency of your images. Remember that people scroll through your images on these websites, especially websites like idealista where you see the images all at once. If you have a multitude of different colours, clashing styles, and decorative items it can look overwhelming to people who are looking at these small images on their screen. Keep it clean and you will be greatly rewarded.

For this and many other tips on improving your properties appearance contact us here.

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Best Dressed List – its not about being modern

For this weeks best dressed list we thought we would focus on showing how a villa in Ibiza doesn’t have to be modern to show well. Staging is about bringing out the innate character of the house so that your villa shows its best assets. There are many villas in Ibiza that have either a country finca feel or are a bit more classical in style. For this weeks best dressed villa we chose this villa in Santa Gertrudis which accentuates it own assets perfectly.

This house has a feel of old hollywood regency. We chose it for the best dressed list because the yellow and white striped sun loungers with white umbrella would not fit in all properties but here are the perfect enhancement to the pools architecture and bring out the lifestyle association of lounging by the pool in an old hollywood hotel, just add the waiter.

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5 ways to increase the booking rate of your holiday rental

When you are preparing your holiday home for the new summer season there are some tweaks that will make all the difference in getting you bookingsA very important question that a lot of sellers ask is “why is my villa not selling?” It can be a number of different things that turn buyers off. Whether you own a villa in the centre of Ibiza Island, or an apartment in Botafoc or Den Bossa we have the top 5 ways that your property will be showing at its best.

1) Clean and Comfortable: One of the best ways to create consistent bookings year on year is by exceeding your visitors expectations with a very clean and well maintained property. A property with a slightly dirty pool, bathroom, sheets or kitchen immediately put people off, and leaves you with a bunch of complaints. Just as does appliances not working. Take care of your painting, and maintenance, and cleaning ahead of time. Your visitors may not always thank you for it in words, but later on your will see it in your bookings.

2) Decorate your holiday home for your tenants: One of the key things that visitors look for in their holiday rentals is a place where they feel comfortable. Contemporary colours and a space that is visually clean and comfortable are important to visitors, especially those with families. It doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. In fact rental staging specialises only doing what will really make a difference. Bathrooms have been transformed simply with new plush towels, some well chosen paint and some art.

3) Well presented photos: Your photos are one of the key selling tools of your vacation rental so it makes sense ensure they are good. Your holiday rental needs to look light, bright, and inviting in the photos, and the photos need to be of a high quality. When staging rentals for the photos we use a nice wide angle lens to capture the space, pulling back all the curtains for light and stage the spaces to show how dinner at sunset might look so that guests see your photos and are immediately living the holiday in their minds.

4) Add a good description: When describing your holiday home be it on your own website or that of a holiday rental company, be sure to include all the important factors. List the types of appliances your property has, does it include air conditioning, Is there a TV or internet access? Do you have extra pull out beds or provide cleaning throughout their stay?  Even go so far as to describe the local area, the beaches, restaurants, is it a family type area, or is your property close to the clubs, and if so how far. A well written description will help build the feeling of what it is like to stay in your property, and the key to getting bookings is to get people imagining how wonderful that holiday will be if they choose your property.

5) Go above and beyond: Simple gestures like welcome baskets with local delicacies, or a personally written note with ideas on where they might love to go makes a big difference in peoples stay and will be something they never forget. In Ibiza, if you speak spanish it can also be great to help them with bookings for rental cars, and club tickets. Anything you can help them with will go a long way to making a lasting impression and speaking highly about staying in your vacation rental.

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Should you leave your apartment empty while selling it?

Deciding whether or not to leave a space empty seems like not such a big decision but it can seriously affect the saleability of your apartment.

Statistics show that 90% of buyers cannot visualise a space therefore they find it incredibly difficult to work out how your apartment would look. Or whether it would be the right size for their furniture and lifestyle.

In fact, if a space is left empty often people underestimate the size of the rooms, especially for bedrooms, thinking overall your property is too small.

Unless your apartment has top end finishings and is perfectly maintained you leave buyers looking at nothing but the details… are the walls perfectly even, is there paint chipping, is there any dirt in the bathroom?

Any of these maintenance issues buyers then use to negotiate the prices down further. Much further than if you had paid to get the maintenance work done yourself!

This doesn’t take into account the key factor in selling any home which is buyers don’t buy houses they buy a HOME. A place that they will create memories, that they build a life, and one where they bring their hopes and dreams. Having your apartment appeal to the aspirational lifestyle that buyers want is what sells properties and empty homes just don’t have that feeling. They feel lonely and a bit sad. Buyers are left wondering what happened here, why was it abandoned? Instead of focusing on falling in love and making an offer.

This is so important that Deanna Kory, a senior vice president at the Corcoran Group stated

 “I won’t let people come on the market empty if I can help it… I have found that sellers with empty apartments can increase their selling price by at least 5 to 10 times the investment you’re going to make in staging ” (New York Times Article)

Developers are also catching on and understanding the power of building the lifestyle around their properties. For instance the London based developer Capital Properties (Capco) teamed up with the royal opera house in the hope of enticing culturally minded buyers to its convent garden apartments. Read more in the full article here.

If you are serious about getting the best price for your property home staging is something to consider. You can learn more about it here.