Can’t I stage my own home?

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Can’t I stage my own house?

Thorough cleaning, tidying, lights, flowers, and music are great for showing a house, but that is not Staging. And although we do give away a lot of free staging tips on this blog there are some things that only a professional stager and stylist can do.

True Staging requires an objective and professional assessment of a home’s strengths, and challenge areas. It takes into account the state of the market, and what buyers are looking for to create a targeted action plan, to help buyers fall in love with what they see.

An experienced Stager can help you create a success plan to get your home staged and SOLD!

However, if you are already handy at doing things yourself. There is always the opportunity to take the action plan of changes from your home staging consultation, and reduce costs by doing all, or part of it yourself. In all our consultations we work through the cheapest, and fastest ways to get your home ready for sale with you. That way you can make the most informed decision.

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