How to make your property images more appealing

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The majority of holiday house renters, and property buyers search for their properties online so the images of your property are key to getting people interested.

With only 20% of the properties taking 80% of the interest how do you make your property one of the 20% that really stands out online?

One of the keys is consistency of your images. Remember that people scroll through your images on these websites, especially websites like idealista where you see the images all at once. If you have a multitude of different colours, clashing styles, and decorative items it can look overwhelming to people who are looking at these small images on their screen. Keep it clean and you will be greatly rewarded.

For this and many other tips on improving your properties appearance contact us here.

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5 quick, easy, and cheap changes in staging your home

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Staging your home for sale doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. And surprisingly small updates often lead to a great impact. Here are 5 small changes that give you a big impact when staging your home.

1) Change the house number or letterbox: 20 euros

Since it is one of the first things people see replacing and old tatty house number with a nice new one or giving your old letterbox a new fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. It is cheap, quick, and immediately says, I care for my home.

2) Replace the door knocker or door handle: 50 euros

Again, first impressions count so having a fresh new door handle says again, we care for our home and keep it well maintained.

3) Replace the kitchen cupboard pulls: 5 euros each

Kitchens are an area where buyers see big dollar signs for renovations. Usually the cabinet boxes themselves are fine, sometimes the doors too, so updating is often as simple as new modern knobs on the cupboards to update the look. Having buyers happy with your kitchen and not assuming renovation will save you thousands of dollars when buyers negotiate the final property price.

4) Replace your shower head: 10 euros

Bathrooms are the area in your house where, if looking grimy can really put buyers off. A simple and cheap change like replacing your shower head with a new one (along with a good scrub of all the grout or replacement if necessary). It makes buyers feel you take care of your house, outside and inside the walls, instantly putting them at ease.

5) Replace your toilet seat: 25 euros

Seen as one of the dirtiest parts of the house. A new, clean toilet seat again ups the vision of maintenance, and cleanliness of your property.

As you can see staging a home for sale can be about tweaking the details to get an emotional response. It is not necessarily big ticket items that will get your home sold. Knowing why and when to spend is key. If your unsure where to spend feel free to contact us here.

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Best Dressed List – its not about being modern

For this weeks best dressed list we thought we would focus on showing how a villa in Ibiza doesn’t have to be modern to show well. Staging is about bringing out the innate character of the house so that your villa shows its best assets. There are many villas in Ibiza that have either a country finca feel or are a bit more classical in style. For this weeks best dressed villa we chose this villa in Santa Gertrudis which accentuates it own assets perfectly.

This house has a feel of old hollywood regency. We chose it for the best dressed list because the yellow and white striped sun loungers with white umbrella would not fit in all properties but here are the perfect enhancement to the pools architecture and bring out the lifestyle association of lounging by the pool in an old hollywood hotel, just add the waiter.

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Top 5 Reasons your Ibiza property did not sell

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Today we are counting down with the five top reasons why your Ibiza property did not sell.

Number 5: Condition of the Home

If your home is falling apart, outdated, or just plain ugly, don’t try to pit it against other pristine homes on the island. Most buyers want their holiday homes to be move-in ready, they don’t want to have to do a bunch of work. If they’re overly repulsed, they won’t even give it a chance. And the few who are looking to renovate, they are looking for a bargain so your home should be priced accordingly.

Number 4: Difficulty in Showing

The more a home is shown, the more likely it is to sell quickly. The key is to get as many eyes on the property as possible, both online and in person. If it sells early on, you’re more likely to get a better price so the longer it lingers on the market the more likely you will end up having to significantly drop your price to sell it. If you have tenants who restrict access to showing agents, or if you yourself greatly reduce the hours that the property is available to show, you’re cutting out a lot of potential buyers who want to see it on their schedule. Remember buyers are here often for only a few days. Same too if you have pets that leave an odour, or may frighten buyers when coming to visit.

Number 3: Visual Chaos

Potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves living there, so be sure the property is staged appropriately. If you have numerous family photos, personal collections, or other items which show who you are, you are distracting the buyers from seeing themselves there, and instead, they are thinking about you. Same too if you crammed way too much furniture or accessories into your living space, it will make the room look way smaller than it is. Buyers will think their furniture won’t fit or that there is not enough storage.

Number 2: Poor Marketing

If you just put the house in the window of your agent, you probably found there’s no magic to be had. Good listing agents will do extra marketing, online and offline, including calling other agents active in the area to see if they have a buyer match.

Number 1: Price

A number of these problems can be solved by listing at the right price. Price should be based on previously sold comparable properties, as well as those currently on the market, not how much you love it, memories you made there, or even how much you paid for the improvements. If your property has not sold and you do not want to resort to price then contact us for an impartial view of how to improve your home. We focus on condition, the way it shows to buyers, and can help to prepare your house so it looks better in all the marketing photos.

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Best Dressed List – Houses around 500,000euros

Home Staging is not about how much your property is listing for. It is instead about making it look more than worth the price you are asking for. Today’s best dressed list explores houses around 500,000euros… click on images to take you to their listings.

1. The well staged bathroom



This Sant Josep apartment was chosen for its well staged bathroom. Art adds colour and makes the overall bathroom feel higher end and warmer. Flowers also help enliven the space.

2. Multi appeal bedrooms


This Santa Eularia apartment hits our best dressed list in price range because of it’s gender neutral yet warmly staged bedroom. It is neutral enough that it could be seen as a kids or guest room satisfying both types of buyers.

3. Style mixing


We appreciated this Roca llisa property’s mix of modern and rustic in a clean simple design. It is pretty neutral style that appeals to those who like either style, hence it hitting our list.

If you compare these properties to others in the same price range you will see what a little staging can do to help your property clearly stand out against the rest.



People really do look in your cupboards

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Curiosity is human nature. If you are tidying up your house for buyers coming for viewings by shoving your things in the closet, think again. Cluttered and disorganised closets….

  1. Make you look like you have not enough storage
  2. Make people think you are disorganised by nature and give the impression that your house is therefore not well maintained.


Clear organised storage is key to putting buyers at ease. If you are selling, put those extra things in storage, or better yet, sell off the things that you no longer need. It will make moving easier later on, and cannot be underestimated when selling your home.

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The Best Dressed List

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Home staging is about dressing your house to its best. That’s why we here at Frek have decided to create a bi-weekly best dressed list. We will be highlighting Ibiza properties in different price ranges that are showing really well for their categories. And we will be dissecting WHY it is that they show so well. Showing what well staged properties really look like.

So to get started, for this weeks picks we searched for the best dressed houses in Ibiza for around 1.5mil euros. First up…

1. Cala Bassa Chic

This four bedroom house in Calla Bassa won our number one spot for best dressed this week. It has enough decoration to feel warm and inviting but not too much that the space feels overwhelmed. It exudes relaxed ibiza style, yet the style is not overly personal which means buyers won’t be distracted by it, instead enticed by it.

2. San Joan Modern Finca

This updated finca made our second place because it brings in the natural elements buyers look for in a country house and was styled with accessories that bring in the feeling of that lifestyle. You can see this in the fresh foliage, candles, and wine with glasses on the kitchen bench . You want your buyers to FEEL what it is like to live in your house.

3.Colour in Santa Eularia

This modern Santa Eularia house we really appreciated because of its use of coloured accessories. Often people think that staging is about making the space as neutral as possible but that is not the case. Colour can be a great way to enliven a space. Especially when used in small accents such as cushions, throws, and artwork like this bedroom. This bedroom was looking rather dark but the pop of red on the bed brightens the room immediately.

We looked though a large number of houses at this price range to find these three for our best dressed homes. It goes to show the huge potential for your property to stand above the rest with a bit of care in staging it properly.

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Note: This list is  based on our professional opinions only. Houses are impartially chosen with no affiliation or influence to any real estate agents.

Why stage your home before listing

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I am often asked why stage your home for sale. Truth is, smart sellers put their homes on the market staged, and here are some home staging statistics to back it up from the real estate staging association.



What listing descriptions are really telling you

I adore reading real estate listings, just about as much as I love reading the furniture listings. But there is nothing worse than a description that has you dreaming of moving in only to be let down when you finally get there person. Real estate listings are a classic for this.

So before getting all excited about your would be dream home check out this great interview with Barbara Corcoran on the Nate Berkus Show (two of my idols by the way) about how to decipher what those listings are really saying.

Some of my personal favourites:

  • Calling small apartments ‘lofts’
  • Close to the beach, when it is actually a 10min drive.
  • Industrial style, when its really still a factory with little amenities.
  • Spanish style, meaning very original condition.

Sometimes, it’s about reading between the lines.

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Staging vs Decorating.. What is the difference?

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Home Staging is a relatively new profession, and we are the only professional company doing it here in Ibiza. Because of this I often get the question “what is the difference between home staging and decorating?” (or interior design). So what better place than to outline it here.

The difference between the two is that decorating or interior design is preparing a house to live in. It’s about bringing out the clients personality and making the space special to them so that it becomes their ‘home’.

Home staging on the other hand is the exact opposite. It is about depersonalising the ‘home’ and turning it into a more generalised product which other people can imagine themselves living in, and therefore want to buy.

Imagine, you are looking for a home to buy, and as you enter the door you are immediately confronted with family photos of the owners and their favourite colour on the walls…. a pinky red feature wall. Rather than concentrating on the house you are instead now imaging how the people in the images live here. Not to mention distracted by the red (which happen to be the opposition football teams colours).Your mind drifts off on a tangent of football and what this other families life is like. The house has moved out of your mind of being yours and instead into being someone else’s.

Now, imagine you walk into a home that is like a clean canvas, the space is like it was designed for you, you can see yourself and your family living there and how you would add your style to make it perfect, you are in love!

This is the art of home staging. Home staging is depersonalising a space without making it feel too cold and boring. Editing things to help it feel spacious. And adding a touch of targeted style so that the buyers of your market imagine living their lives in your property.

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