Ibiza Style Inspiration – Ibiza Blackstad Houses

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Looking for some gorgeous Ibiza home style inspiration. Ibiza Blackstad Houses offers up some of the most gorgeous villa’s on the island. With a long history of working with Mediterranean style architecture in both traditional, and new ways, this book is a feast for the eyes.


Also, if you are interested in seeing more Ibiza home inspiration check out our posts herehere, here, and here.

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Can’t I stage my own home?

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Can’t I stage my own house?

Thorough cleaning, tidying, lights, flowers, and music are great for showing a house, but that is not Staging. And although we do give away a lot of free staging tips on this blog there are some things that only a professional stager and stylist can do.

True Staging requires an objective and professional assessment of a home’s strengths, and challenge areas. It takes into account the state of the market, and what buyers are looking for to create a targeted action plan, to help buyers fall in love with what they see.

An experienced Stager can help you create a success plan to get your home staged and SOLD!

However, if you are already handy at doing things yourself. There is always the opportunity to take the action plan of changes from your home staging consultation, and reduce costs by doing all, or part of it yourself. In all our consultations we work through the cheapest, and fastest ways to get your home ready for sale with you. That way you can make the most informed decision.

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Ibiza Style Inspiration – Cool Escapes Ibiza

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Dishing up some of the best books on Ibiza style. Todays is Cool Escapes Ibiza. Filled with gorgeous images from the latest boutique hotels and restaurants it gives you a real sense of what styles people enjoy when being in Ibiza.




We are covering a bunch of different books over the weeks. You can check out the last two posts here and here.

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Ibiza Style Inspiration – Living in style Ibiza

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Since Ibiza has it’s very own style we are putting together quite a few posts of books on Ibiza style. They offer great ideas on what kind of looks are popular in Ibiza when decorating your house for yourself or for sale. This week it is Living in Style Ibiza. With a wide selection of styles and designs this book covers everything from bohemian, to modern. Check it out here.

For the other book we have covered, go here.

LiS Ibiza COVER 3.indd


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Is Staging Expensive?

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Staging is an investment in getting your house sold. And the investment in Staging is always less than a price reduction.  We work with your budget and time frame to properly Stage a house.

Actually “Can you afford NOT to Stage?”. Because when the cost of home staging is compared with the other costs of selling or buying a home, Staging is very reasonable. And most often, saves you money and time.

A Staging consultation detailing what needs to be done to prepare the house for sale is often less than the appraisal or a home inspection report. That doesn’t also factor into account the costs associated with maintaining your property while it sits on the market for months, even years as it so often does in Ibiza.

The figures can be surprising. If you would like more information or have any other questions feel free to contact us



Ibiza Style Inspiration – Ibiza Style

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Looking to decorate your Ibiza home? We will be featuring the best books on Ibiza style to give you plenty of inspiration. First up is ‘Ibiza Style’ (of course) by Ingrid Rasmussen is has lots of ideas and styles that fit into the Ibiza lifestyle and is a great starting off point if you are looking at what your version of Ibiza living is going to be.




Keep an eye out in coming weeks for the other books we will be featuring




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Latest 2014 Ibiza Property Report

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If you are buying or selling in Ibiza it is always a good idea to check the quarterly property reports from Lucas Fox.

The latest report covering Q1 – Q2 2014 shows the average sales price rising to €2,922 per m2. As for look and feel Amanda Marti, Director of Lucas Fox Ibiza stated…

“Buyers are mostly interested in second homes, priced from €800,000 villas to €2 million, Traditional Ibicenco Fincas are becoming increasingly popular, though the favourite type of property remains minimalist, contemporary (preferably new) and turn-key with sea views (sunset views in particular are always a bonus). Refurbishment properties are also interesting to many, but are snapped up very quickly when reasonably priced. Apartments overlooking the marinas are also popular.”

You can check out the full report here.


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Setting the table for staging

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Many real estate agents, rental agents, and home stagers think setting the table is a good idea to show people the lifestyle of the home or rental property. Reality is it ruins all the good work you do because it makes the property look “obviously staged.” Buyers and renters instantly feel like they are being tricked into liking the property.

Of course lifestyle cues are important and are the key to setting an emotional tone that helps buyers fall in love with your home. But it needs to be done in a subtle way that professional stylists like ourselves specialise in. Take any image from a magazine like the one above as an example. This is the type of end result you want. One that gives a natural sensation of the lifestyle without feeling likes it’s trying too hard to show you what life is like there. Fresh fruit in a bowl is more than enough.

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