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Top 5 Reasons your Ibiza property did not sell

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Today we are counting down with the five top reasons why your Ibiza property did not sell.

Number 5: Condition of the Home

If your home is falling apart, outdated, or just plain ugly, don’t try to pit it against other pristine homes on the island. Most buyers want their holiday homes to be move-in ready, they don’t want to have to do a bunch of work. If they’re overly repulsed, they won’t even give it a chance. And the few who are looking to renovate, they are looking for a bargain so your home should be priced accordingly.

Number 4: Difficulty in Showing

The more a home is shown, the more likely it is to sell quickly. The key is to get as many eyes on the property as possible, both online and in person. If it sells early on, you’re more likely to get a better price so the longer it lingers on the market the more likely you will end up having to significantly drop your price to sell it. If you have tenants who restrict access to showing agents, or if you yourself greatly reduce the hours that the property is available to show, you’re cutting out a lot of potential buyers who want to see it on their schedule. Remember buyers are here often for only a few days. Same too if you have pets that leave an odour, or may frighten buyers when coming to visit.

Number 3: Visual Chaos

Potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves living there, so be sure the property is staged appropriately. If you have numerous family photos, personal collections, or other items which show who you are, you are distracting the buyers from seeing themselves there, and instead, they are thinking about you. Same too if you crammed way too much furniture or accessories into your living space, it will make the room look way smaller than it is. Buyers will think their furniture won’t fit or that there is not enough storage.

Number 2: Poor Marketing

If you just put the house in the window of your agent, you probably found there’s no magic to be had. Good listing agents will do extra marketing, online and offline, including calling other agents active in the area to see if they have a buyer match.

Number 1: Price

A number of these problems can be solved by listing at the right price. Price should be based on previously sold comparable properties, as well as those currently on the market, not how much you love it, memories you made there, or even how much you paid for the improvements. If your property has not sold and you do not want to resort to price then contact us for an impartial view of how to improve your home. We focus on condition, the way it shows to buyers, and can help to prepare your house so it looks better in all the marketing photos.

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Best Dressed List – Houses around 500,000euros

Home Staging is not about how much your property is listing for. It is instead about making it look more than worth the price you are asking for. Today’s best dressed list explores houses around 500,000euros… click on images to take you to their listings.

1. The well staged bathroom



This Sant Josep apartment was chosen for its well staged bathroom. Art adds colour and makes the overall bathroom feel higher end and warmer. Flowers also help enliven the space.

2. Multi appeal bedrooms


This Santa Eularia apartment hits our best dressed list in price range because of it’s gender neutral yet warmly staged bedroom. It is neutral enough that it could be seen as a kids or guest room satisfying both types of buyers.

3. Style mixing


We appreciated this Roca llisa property’s mix of modern and rustic in a clean simple design. It is pretty neutral style that appeals to those who like either style, hence it hitting our list.

If you compare these properties to others in the same price range you will see what a little staging can do to help your property clearly stand out against the rest.