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People really do look in your cupboards

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Curiosity is human nature. If you are tidying up your house for buyers coming for viewings by shoving your things in the closet, think again. Cluttered and disorganised closets….

  1. Make you look like you have not enough storage
  2. Make people think you are disorganised by nature and give the impression that your house is therefore not well maintained.


Clear organised storage is key to putting buyers at ease. If you are selling, put those extra things in storage, or better yet, sell off the things that you no longer need. It will make moving easier later on, and cannot be underestimated when selling your home.

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The Best Dressed List

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Home staging is about dressing your house to its best. That’s why we here at Frek have decided to create a bi-weekly best dressed list. We will be highlighting Ibiza properties in different price ranges that are showing really well for their categories. And we will be dissecting WHY it is that they show so well. Showing what well staged properties really look like.

So to get started, for this weeks picks we searched for the best dressed houses in Ibiza for around 1.5mil euros. First up…

1. Cala Bassa Chic

This four bedroom house in Calla Bassa won our number one spot for best dressed this week. It has enough decoration to feel warm and inviting but not too much that the space feels overwhelmed. It exudes relaxed ibiza style, yet the style is not overly personal which means buyers won’t be distracted by it, instead enticed by it.

2. San Joan Modern Finca

This updated finca made our second place because it brings in the natural elements buyers look for in a country house and was styled with accessories that bring in the feeling of that lifestyle. You can see this in the fresh foliage, candles, and wine with glasses on the kitchen bench . You want your buyers to FEEL what it is like to live in your house.

3.Colour in Santa Eularia

This modern Santa Eularia house we really appreciated because of its use of coloured accessories. Often people think that staging is about making the space as neutral as possible but that is not the case. Colour can be a great way to enliven a space. Especially when used in small accents such as cushions, throws, and artwork like this bedroom. This bedroom was looking rather dark but the pop of red on the bed brightens the room immediately.

We looked though a large number of houses at this price range to find these three for our best dressed homes. It goes to show the huge potential for your property to stand above the rest with a bit of care in staging it properly.

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Note: This list is  based on our professional opinions only. Houses are impartially chosen with no affiliation or influence to any real estate agents.

Why stage your home before listing

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I am often asked why stage your home for sale. Truth is, smart sellers put their homes on the market staged, and here are some home staging statistics to back it up from the real estate staging association.