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What listing descriptions are really telling you

I adore reading real estate listings, just about as much as I love reading the furniture listings. But there is nothing worse than a description that has you dreaming of moving in only to be let down when you finally get there person. Real estate listings are a classic for this.

So before getting all excited about your would be dream home check out this great interview with Barbara Corcoran on the Nate Berkus Show (two of my idols by the way) about how to decipher what those listings are really saying.

Some of my personal favourites:

  • Calling small apartments ‘lofts’
  • Close to the beach, when it is actually a 10min drive.
  • Industrial style, when its really still a factory with little amenities.
  • Spanish style, meaning very original condition.

Sometimes, it’s about reading between the lines.

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Staging vs Decorating.. What is the difference?

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Home Staging is a relatively new profession, and we are the only professional company doing it here in Ibiza. Because of this I often get the question “what is the difference between home staging and decorating?” (or interior design). So what better place than to outline it here.

The difference between the two is that decorating or interior design is preparing a house to live in. It’s about bringing out the clients personality and making the space special to them so that it becomes their ‘home’.

Home staging on the other hand is the exact opposite. It is about depersonalising the ‘home’ and turning it into a more generalised product which other people can imagine themselves living in, and therefore want to buy.

Imagine, you are looking for a home to buy, and as you enter the door you are immediately confronted with family photos of the owners and their favourite colour on the walls…. a pinky red feature wall. Rather than concentrating on the house you are instead now imaging how the people in the images live here. Not to mention distracted by the red (which happen to be the opposition football teams colours).Your mind drifts off on a tangent of football and what this other families life is like. The house has moved out of your mind of being yours and instead into being someone else’s.

Now, imagine you walk into a home that is like a clean canvas, the space is like it was designed for you, you can see yourself and your family living there and how you would add your style to make it perfect, you are in love!

This is the art of home staging. Home staging is depersonalising a space without making it feel too cold and boring. Editing things to help it feel spacious. And adding a touch of targeted style so that the buyers of your market imagine living their lives in your property.

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Spring Flowers to entice buyers

Your homes entrance gives the first impression. It is an area that is so important when selling, even Barbara Corcoran talks about it.   I recently found this clip of her interview with CNN. She speaks about the power of flowers or plants to create a good first impression of your home and I couldn’t agree more.

There is nothing like a flowers or plants, full of life and colour to bring this sometimes dull area to life. And what a better time than Spring!

Since Ibiza gets dry in summer, I prefer hard wearing more sculptural plants for staging. Some favourites are yuccas and succulents in beautiful pots or if in need of colour bougainvillea.

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Spring spruce ups get homes to sell – Part 2


Since Spring is upon us and it is warmer and sunnier here in Ibiza we are talking about taking advantage, and preparing your holiday home for sale. Last week we covered the outside, if you missed it here is the link to part 1. Today though lets talk about the inside.

Spring cleaning is a great place to start. For our clients I recommend focusing on the details. There is nothing worse than buyers being off put by easy to remove dirt or grime. That means making sure all door handles are polished, replacing any mouldy silicone around the bath or shower, and making sure the surfaces shine.

Paint is also a great way to ensure a clean fresh look in your home. Whether that is touching up marks or a fresh new coat it will help your home have the polished and new look that help buyers fall in love.

This is also a good time to get any maintenance done. Test all the appliances, are they working? Is there any mould or water issues? Is there any other maintenance you have been putting off. If so do it all now! Buyers inflate costs for repairs and offer much less for the hassle of them having to do it. If you do it yourself, it will save you money. Now is a better time to organise with contractors to do the work. The closer to the summer season you get the busier they become.

These are just some of the tips and tricks we use in creating ‘hot properties’ in the market, and are a good foundation which staging a home for sale starts.

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