FREKHome Staging and Styling

New possibilities for you and your home

Frek home staging and redesign creates new possibilities for you by using the money making potential of the property market combined with their eye for what buyers want in a holiday home, and the transformational effect of having a holiday home that is styled and arranged to suit your lifestyle.

We are not real estate agents, nor interior designers. Our objective is to re-use as many of the things possible in your home and bring out its innate character. We suggest only changes where we see you will gain maximum reward in terms appeal and will not add more ‘”stuff” to your home just because it happens to be the trend.

Selling Quicker, Higher, Smarter

How to the get the most money for your home  - Home Staging

No matter what the market conditions home stagers help you sell your property faster, and for more by making it appeal to more buyers. Giving you a hotter property to sell!

In a seasonal market such as holiday homes, there is tough competition to sell your property during the summer months. You can’t afford to let this peak selling season pass by, and still have your property sitting on the market for another year. Watching your expenses continue month on month for maintenance, utilities, insurance, taxes, mortgage costs and more.

And that doesn’t include the impact it has on your life such as: Your money sitting idle and holding you back from further investments or new business ventures. The time expenditure of coming back and forth to the island. The organization pain of planning for people to maintain your property while you are waiting for it to sell. Or not being able to completely separate from your “ex” or the island as you are waiting for your final asset to be sold.

Using home staging has helped clients out of these situations and more by styling their space to sell faster and in doing so has often saved them the costly price reductions that come from with having your property sit on the market for months or years as can be the case in Ibiza.

When the market is hot, and the houses are selling quickly. Home staging has also helped clients get more money for their property by giving it an advantage over others in the market. Obviously if more buyers are interested they have to compete against each other driving the final selling price of the property upwards.

But not everything sells in a hot market. There are some properties that just sit there with little interest falling to the bottom of the listing pile.

Rachel Bryant recently staged a home that had been sitting on the market for 2 years with little interest and after the staging was done the property was sold to the very first buyer who viewed the property!

Frek offers home staging and services throughout Ibiza. You can choose the amount of help to fit your needs. From full service where we can take the stress or worry away by doing some, or all of it for you, or consultations where you can follow through with the recommendations yourself.

You can learn more about home staging here.

10 seconds, thats all you have to impress a potential buyer or renter.

How to get your property noticed in a competitive holiday rental market

With such a large amount of holiday rental properties available in Ibiza it can be difficult to get your house noticed. We see many properties that have no bookings during the summer because of poor presentations while there are similar properties that are full week by week.

Since the majority of renters look online for their holiday rental properties and photos of the space are one of most influencial deciding factors  in choosing a holiday rental, it is imperative to present your holiday home at its best on these websites.

Even with these clear facts there are still many dark, badly shot photos that don’t show the home at its best.

Home stagers work to make your holiday home the most attractive to prospective guests. We make sure that the photos we take, emanate the aspired holiday lifestyle that will get you guests. Don’t get us wrong, this is no fancy photoshop overselling, this showing your real holiday home at its best so renters see exactly what they will get.

Learn more about home staging for holiday rentals here.

  • "Thanks Rachel, The office looks great and was finished within the tight timeline"

    Axis Elements Offices
  • "We would have been lost without you! The apartment looks great. Thanks Rach!"

    Vanessa, Melbourne

How to make your holiday home work better for you

If your holiday home feels like it doesn’t quite fit you, it may be a time for a change, without the hassle of changing house or expensive rennovations.

Frek home styling helps you focus on what you really want from your holiday home, how you want to live, and how you want to feel.

We usually use what you already have and rework it in different ways. Where appropriate we make recommendations for the right pieces to add. We don’t work with trends, but instead build a unique expression of your personal style mixed with the architectural style of the house. All the while keeping resale value in mind.

Learn more about home styling here.